Vynecrest Winery

Oldest vineyard in Lehigh County

stablished in 1974, we have a long history of producing quality wines for all palates. Our tasting room is house in a historic 19th century Swiss bank barn overlooking our 25 acres of vineyards. We have a Wine Bar, a Cellar Experience Bar for group tasting, and a picnic area. With over 20 wines on our wine list, we offer everything from dry to sweet, red and white.

We are the oldest vineyard in Lehigh County. We grow most of the grapes used for our wines, vinifera (European), hybrid, and native American grapes, plus we have fruit wines, sparkling wine, and special holiday wines as well. Our Wine Bar, Vyneskeller, features live music on weekends, a tapas menu, spirit drink and slushies and sangria.

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